Kimberlee Kovach

Kimberlee Kovach has nearly forty years of experience as a mediator in a wide array of disputes. Her extensive experience includes all types of commercial matters, along with employment, real estate, franchise, construction, bankruptcy and personal injury cases.

Understanding the various approaches to mediation, and that each matter is different, Kim possesses the unique ability to work with the parties and counsel in exploring the different approaches to the process that will be most effective in each case. She is focused on finding ways that will work best in reaching acceptable resolutions. Kim is known to be determined in encouraging the parties to keep negotiating, getting past no, and not quitting until all options have been explored and considered. She also encourages the parties to be creative in finding innovative solutions. She is always cognizant of the relationships involved in disputes and will assure that all interests of the parties are addressed. Kim works with lawyers and parties involved in litigation, as well as those who choose to mediate before a lawsuit is filed.

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Kim has long been a leader in the dispute resolution field, having served as a founding officer and Chair of the ABA Section of Dispute Resolution, along with Chair of the ADR Sections of both the Texas and Houston Bar Associations. She has received awards for her work and contributions, including the prestigious Lifetime Achievement Award from the International Academy of Mediators. She is also a prominent mediation trainer, and has written many books and articles on the mediation process.

Fee Schedule

  • FULL DAY CASE – $ 1650.00 per party – full day in Austin or within 100 miles
  • FULL DAY CASE – $ 1850.00 per party – full day 100+ miles outside Austin
  • HALF DAY CASE – $ 875.00 per party – half day