Award-winning virtual mediation

From businesses and government organizations to individuals, Lakeside Mediation has an experienced panel of Texas mediators who specialize in solving disputes creatively, constructively, and confidentially. As of now, all our mediation takes place virtually from the comfort of your own environment. Should we resume in-person mediation, our website will feature an announcement.

Dispute Mediation

Partner with a neutral intermediary to develop options for an amicable resolution.

Divorce Mediation

A mediator will guide you through the divorce process and help negotiate agreements.


Utilize a third-party arbitrator to solidify decisions and make judgments for disputes.

The Lakeside Solution

A unique and flexible process that offers the benefits of both mediation and arbitration.

Training & Education

Training and professional seminars on mediation, arbitration, and other alternative dispute resolution topics.

Expert Books & Videos

Clients can feel more at peace with visualizing how their mediation might look through various resources.

Disputes don't have to cost you your peace of mind

Extraordinary mediation service for every setting