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Mediation is a process where a neutral third party, the mediator, acts as an intermediary during a confidential settlement discussion and attempts to assist the parties in developing options for an amicable resolution of the dispute. Mediation offers an effective, confidential alternative to litigation that is both time and cost efficient.

Mediation makes common sense because it allows the people who are actually involved in the dispute to have control over how it gets resolved. Conflict is a part of our social, cultural and human condition.

Whether it is a lawsuit, a business problem, a divorce, a contract dispute or employment issue, conflict can be destructive and costly. Conflicts can also be catalysts for progress and growth. Whether a conflict is ultimately negative or positive is often a matter of how the parties involved choose to resolve the matter.  The mediators at Lakeside Mediation Center are dedicated to providing constructive, efficient alternatives for dispute resolution.

Frequently asked questions

Mediation is a confidential process to resolve disputes with the guidance of a specially trained neutral and impartial third party (the “mediator”), who assists the parties in addressing their interests so they can work toward a solution to the dispute that is acceptable to all parties in that it may result in a binding agreement that addresses the needs and interests of the parties. 

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