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Greg MediatingMost cases are resolved in mediation – most clients have never been in mediation – A Guide to Mediation allows your client to sit in on segments of a mediation and have the process explained to them by nationally recognized experts in the field. After viewing this video, your client will be able to visualize how their own mediation might look and will be able to participate in the resolution of their own dispute on a more meaningful and productive level.

The award winning video, “A Guide to Mediation” was designed and produced by the mediators at Lakeside Mediation Center to help parties understand the mediation process and calm anxieties. This short 30 minute video expertly combines narratives to explain the different stages of the mediation process with realistic scenes from a mock mediation.

Feedback on “A Guide to Mediation” is glowing:

“A Guide to Mediation” won the national 2000 Communicator Award for Excellence in Legal Videos. The Communicator Awards is a national awards program that recognizes outstanding work in the communications field. The video was one of over 3,000 entries from all across the United States, the District of Columbia, and 8 foreign countries.
“A Guide to Mediation,” explains the mediation process through clear, concise vignettes. This well produced video will educate your clients on the benefits of this important alternative to litigation. As a trial lawyer who has served as both a mediator and a mediation advocate, I highly recommend this outstanding addition to your mediation library.
Terry O. Tottenham
Fulbright & Jaworski L.L.P.

“An unparalleled video introduction to the mediation process. Whenever I have a client facing a first-time mediation, I will urge my client to watch this videotape. The tape discusses the promise of what mediation can achieve, the practicalities of what will likely happen during a mediation, and the common sense of what behavior is helpful in reaching a fair mediated resolution.”
John J. McKetta, III
Graves, Dougherty, Hearon & Moody, P.C.

“A Guide to Mediation” contains very realistic examples of the different stages of mediation and is an extremely useful tool for every lawyer who is preparing a client for mediation. The format and content of the tape will hold your attention while imparting valuable information.
Broadus Spivey
Former President of the Texas State Bar Association

Lakeside Mediation Center has donated copies of this VHS tape to every branch of the Austin Public Library so that you can view it for free at your convenience. To order your copy of “A Guide to Mediation,” please send $50 per copy (plus sales tax in Texas) to Lakeside Mediation Center, 3825 Lake Austin Blvd., Suite 403, Austin Texas 78703.

Ripples From Peace Lake:
Essays for Mediators and Peacemakers

is a collection of short stories designed to inspire, teach, and enlighten mediators, peacemakers and anyone involved in conflict resolution. Essays include trust building, apology and forgiveness, the art of mediation, private caucus techniques, patience and a variety of topics intended to improve the skills of mediators and conflict resolution professionals. The book may also be used as a primary or secondary textbook for classes on mediation or conflict resolution. Ripples will evoke the passion of people who work in the field of conflict resolution and is the perfect gift for those who work in any form of peacemaking.


“Ripples from Peace Lake” is a message of love and hope to all of us, from one of us. This is a book about art, jazz musicians, bartenders and chefs. It is practical and it is thought provoking. Transparent and honest. Magical and sobering. Read beneath the surface and you will re-discover qualities in yourself and in the power of the mediation process that will make your next case your best work to date.

Tracy Allen, Co-chair of the Mediation Section of the ABA Section of Dispute Resolution and the President-Elect of the International Academy of Mediators.

“Ripples from Peace Lake”, Eric Galton’s new book, is a must-read for any practicing mediator. Galton explores nuts and bolts issues of mediation practice in an enlightening, entertaining and thoughtful way. Perhaps even more important, he exposes the heart and soul of the mediation process.

Lela Love, Professor of Law and the Director of the Kukin Program for Conflict Resolution and the Cardozo Mediation Clinic, Benjamin Cardozo School of Law.

To order your copy of “Ripples from Peace Lake,” please go to or contact Lakeside Mediation Center.