Lakeside Mediation Center

Lakeside Mediation Center

Dedicated to the peaceful, constructive and efficient resolution of disputes.

About Us

The Lakeside Mediators have made a lifelong, professional commitment to resolving disputes fairly and successfully. Collectively, the Lakeside Mediators have mediated over 10,000 disputes, trained over 4,000 mediators, coordinated over 400 arbitrations, and published books and articles about mediation and conflict resolution, which have been acclaimed both nationally and internationally. Additionally, the Lakeside Mediators have devoted countless hours to pro bono service.

The common denominator of every Lakeside Mediator is a passion for the mediation process, and unswerving commitment to neutrality and confidentiality, and a genuine, heartfelt belief that people deserve fair, constructive, and affordable resolutions to their disputes. Lakeside Mediators approach each mediation with unfettered determination to resolve even the most difficult and complex disputes.

The Lakeside Mediation Center symbolizes this commitment and belief. The center was specifically designed to create an ideal mediation and arbitration environment. The center, both inside and outside, by the lake, is welcoming and humanistic. Our center is a place where people find closure, resolution, and peace.

Each Lakeside Mediator gets a sense of both privilege and responsibility in assisting people in resolving tough problems and conflicts. We are in awe of the ability of people, even when confronted with terrible problems, to find creative, peaceful solutions.

We hope and believe we make a difference in the lives of the people who visit our center.