Rocket Docket

To check on the availability of Rocket Docket mediations dates and times, please call 512-477-9300.


  • Basic Two party case in which all necessary parties are able to attend the mediation and have agreed that the case is appropriate for this level of expedited mediation conference.
  • Amount in Controversy is relatively small.
  • An offer and a demand have been exchanged prior to the mediation
  • Opening statements will be limited to 10 minutes for each side.
  • There are no “questions of first impression” or novel legal issues that are material to the outcome of the case.
  • Both parties have completed and submitted a Lakeside Mediation Center Rocket Docket Mediation Position Statement and Agreement to Mediate.
  • Fee of $450.00 per party is due at the beginning of the session.  Please bring checks made payable to Lakeside Mediation Center.

Our experience has shown us that there is an entire strata of cases that are not being submitted to qualified mediators simply because the relatively small amount in controversy will not support traditional legal fees and fees associated with a full day of mediation. Often times, the local community has waited to resolve these cases during “Settlement Week” at the local courthouse. Settlement Week, however, is usually overrun with attorneys attempting to resolve these cases in a quick and economic manner. In light of the recent changes to Settlement Week, the Lakeside Mediation Center offers an alternative – one we refer to as the “Rocket Docket,” a way to get highly qualified mediators at reasonable fees for this level of case.

The Lakeside Mediation Center’s Rocket Docket Program is designed to provide an alternative means of resolving those disputes with lower amounts in controversy, which are usually referred to Settlement Week for mediation.  For those cases that meet the Rocket Docket Profile, we will offer a three-hour mediation at a reduced rate.  The case submission will be simplified, and the mediation position submissions may be made via e-mail or fax on our streamlined position statement form.Parties with multiple cases may schedule up to three different cases on the same day in order to maximize the benefits of the Rocket Docket Program. We will strictly enforce the three-hour limitation to allow all parties to manage their schedules.

This program is not a vehicle to provide an inexpensive way to merely comply with the local rules mandating mediation.  Those familiar with the reputations of the Lakeside Mediators will know that we are committed to diligently pursuing the resolution of every case that is brought to us.  The “Rocket Docket” Program is, instead, an affordable way to bring the benefits of mediation into those cases where mediation might otherwise be unaffordable. Of course, we will still offer traditional half and full day mediation rates for those cases that fall outside of the Rocket Docket Profile.